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Netimage Media Inc. - Rapid Design, Development, Deployment
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Netimage Media provides award winning web design and applications development
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Netimage Media Inc. - Applications Development
Managing your business has become more and more technology dependant in today's competitive world. Netimage Media designs and develops applications that enhance your business processes. We build application solutions that deliver on the promises of advanced technologies.
Web Services
One of our applications development specialties lies in the area of web services. We use cutting edge technologies to develop web services that allow users in different locations and platforms to use one common application and exchange data in real time. Being web based, maintenance and scalability issues with these services are greatly simplified.

Netimage Media focuses on developing applications and web services using the Microsoft .NET architecture. Microsoft .NET is a set of technologies that enables an extremely powerful level of software development and integration through the use of XML web services. Using this technology, we are able to quickly and reliably build, host, deploy, and utilize secure and connected applications solutions for our clients.

Rapid Design Development Deployment
Netimage Media embarked on a research and development program looking for ways to improve the process used in developing web applications and services. This effort proved to be an incredible success! Netimage Media is proud to say that our innovative new proprietary technology allows us to build and deploy cutting edge web applications and services based on Microsoft .NET architecture in at least half the time of most other firms. In addition to rapid development, our proprietary process ensures best practice rules of implementation and increases quality attributes of reusability, extensibility, scalability, maintainability, and robustness.

Netimage Media is truly able to provide you with applications and web services of superior quality in a fraction of the usual time. Your time means money, so shouldn't you make Netimage Media your next Applications Provider?

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