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Netimage Media Inc. - Web Design / Development
More and more organizations are realizing the benefits of using a specialized outside firm to fulfill their web needs. Netimage Media can help on projects small or large. Whether it involves expanding or revamping your current online presence, or building an enterprise-level portal or intranet, we have the skills and capabilities to deliver. We will assist your organization in defining and deploying a clear web strategy that enhances your brand and image while also producing tangible value and results.
Superior Design
Netimage Media's design team is dedicated to staying at the forefront of cutting edge design and digital art. They push creativity to the limit, viewing each new project as a new challenge. Our designers are encouraged to develop new ways of creating a powerful web presence for each of our clients using the latest technologies. Our fascination with design excellence helps clients visualize the possibilities that are available to them.

Digital Branding
An organization's presence on the web, in any form, should be viewed as a natural extension of their business. In creating a web strategy for our clients, it is critical for there to be a level of synergy between the offline brand and its extension into the digital world. Through an effective web presence, a brand is able to reach out and touch customers, their emotions, feelings, and urges. This is digital branding. Such customer interaction is priceless in its ability to enhance the client's image and build their business. It is no longer enough to have a website just for the sake of having one; innovative and effective web strategies coupled with a true digital brand are needed more than ever in these competitive times.

The popularity of e-commerce continues to grow at astounding rates, even though the quality of most e-commerce experiences remains mediocre at best. More and more selection on the web means that if you do not meet your customer's expectations, they will more than likely never return again. Netimage Media's e-commerce solutions are geared to not only providing your business with the ability to accept online orders, but most importantly, the ability to create loyalty so your customers come back again and again. Our attention to the user experience ensures that our e-commerce solutions are simple to use and provide maximum security. Whether it's business-to-consumer or business-to-business, Netimage Media will allow you to harness the benefits of e-commerce.

Content Management
Netimage Media has extensive experience in developing and deploying enterprise level content management systems. Our content management systems are based on the latest technology, providing robust and scalable performance. They will become an invaluable tool for building and maintaining your site. The cost of content creation is minimized while maintaining extreme ease of use. We do not use out of the box software; instead, our content management solutions are custom built to fit your specific needs. Use of a content management system ensures that your site is always up to date, thus enhancing the relationship with your stakeholders as well as increasing the value of your web presence.

Portals and Communities
The popularity of large online portals and communities continues through to this day. This popularity will continue to stay strong as the exponential growth in the number of internet sites motivates users to go to portals in order to locate the information or website that they need. Corporate portals are used as an effective way of directing the right information about the business into the hands of the right people. Netimage Media has experience building portals that do all of the above. However, the power of our portals lies in the fact that we use interactive features and targeted content to create online communities that foster interaction and collaboration between users, keeping them coming back again and again.

Intranet Solutions
Intranet systems can be the key to coordinating and communicating effectively with your employees. Many companies have intranet systems; however, few of these intranets exercise the flexibility and functionality needed. Thus in most cases, companies are not getting nearly enough benefit out of their intranet. Here at Netimage Media, we develop intranet systems that are focused on their users, your employees. Rather than providing them with another cumbersome obstacle to their daily jobs, they empower your employees to work more effectively and efficiently, thus increasing their value to your business. We can help your organization gauge the available possibilities and advantages of deploying a custom intranet system.

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